The 21 Best Things We Heard On Bandcamp This Month


Hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly new music showcase. If you missed out on last month and are wondering what’s going on, let us explain: 

Pretty much, we here at The Noise have been trying to think fun and creative ways to give smaller and possibly lesser-known bands a piece of the spotlight on our website. After trying a couple ideas (Weird Wednesdays & 22 Artists to Hear), we’ve decided to have another go-around. This time, nothing cute or fancy. We’re just going to let the music do all the talking.

So, below you can find the 21 best things we found on Bandcamp for the month of May. Enjoy.

(PS. Some of the music on this list came out earlier in the year and we just now happened to stumble upon it. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?)

Gorilla Pulp – Peyote Queen

Crypt Trip – Mabon Songs

Crimson Arrow – Living In Still Frames

Camp Cope – Camp Cope

Eat Your Heart Out – Carried Away

Valedictorian – I’m Glad You Made It

Weakdaze – I Wish You The Best

Commonweather – Apparitions 

Verbthenoun – Right?

Play It Cool – The Mackinaw Peaches

Small Circle – Melatonin

Tidal Waves – Tidal Waves 

Ourfathers. – Movements 

Ceres – Luck

Tacocat – Lost Time

Illyria – Illyria

Captive – This House

Hadean – On Fading

Rope – Manteision Bodolaeth

Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Mystery: Diary

Landmvrks – Hollow