Take A Trip With Neck Deep’s Wild New Single “Lowlife” Off Upcoming LP ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’


Well, everyone. The wait is finally over. Neck Deep has just announced their brand new album All Distortions Are Intentional.  

Set to hit stores July 24th, this marks Neck Deep’s first new album since 2017′s The Peace and The Panic.

Weighing in at 12 new tracks, according to a press release, Neck Deep’s new album “tells the story of a loner named Jett who lives in a place dubbed Sonderland – a combination of ‘Wonderland’ and the somewhat obscure word ‘sonder’ – [and] the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own with their own ambitions and worries” 

Frontman Ben Barlow explains, “It’s that strange existential realization that you are not the entire world. Everyone around you feels and lives the same way that you do. You’re just an extra in their story.”

Giving fans a glance into the new record, today the pop-punk outfit has also debuted their eye-opening visual for their latest single “Lowlife.” Talking about the song, Barlow says, “Writing ‘Lowlife,’ it was like I was tapping into this part of my own personality, my own psyche.”

To check the band’s out-of-this-world trip into Sonderland, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order All Distortions Are Intentional here


All Distortions Are Intentional Track Listing

01. Sonderland
02. Fall
03. Lowlife
04. Telling Stories
05. When You Know
06. Quarry
07. Sick Joke
08. What Took You So Long?
09. Empty House
10. Little Dove
11. I Revolve (Around You)
12. Pushing Daisies