Surprise: Here’s A Brand New Pissed-Off Single From Enter Shikari Titled “Hoodwinker”


Rou Reynolds and his rowdy crew of Enter Shikari bandmates have never been one to shy away from confrontational subject matter. Sometimes choosing to write about politics or crooked culture issues, today via a newly released surprise single dubbed “Hoodwinker,” Reynolds turned his lyrics towards a topic many have a pretty strong opinion on – religion.    

“Every now and then, outside of album releases and their attendant ‘campaigns,’ it’s nice to release a song into the wild out-of-the-blue. To bowl it full force at the faces of the general public without prior warning,” says the longtime vocalist. “’Hoodwinker’ is the current incoming projectile. It is Enter Shikari angrily calling out your God as an imposter. Which I’m afraid he is.” 

Reynolds continued to add, “I know you thought all the other [Gods] were imposters and yours was, in fact, the real one but I’m afraid he is a phoney too. We have clear evidence of false paperwork and forged documents. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Please enjoy this piece of angry music, though. I hope its frustration and righteous indignation will go some way to dampening the annoying news.”

To check out Enter Shikari’s savage new single accompanied with an almost Cast Away-like music video, be sure to look below.