Stream Memphis May Fire’s Acoustic Rendition of “Beneath The Skin”

With the deluxe re-release of their album Unconditional set to hit stores later this week, metalcore heavyweights Memphis May Fire are currently streaming one of their four new tracks which will be heard on the new album.

Reimagining their very heavy single “Beneath The Skin” and turning it into a peaceful acoustic rendition, Memphis May Fire are proving to their fans (and their haters) they can do much more musically than some might expect.

When asked about the new version, guitarist Kellen McGregor let listeners in on how much fun he had creating it.   

“It’s always enjoyable to reimagine songs acoustically as we’re primarily a band that writes heavy music with a lot of riffing,” says McGregor. “Reworking ‘Beneath The Skin’ was a fun challenge due to its heavier nature, but the process was very rewarding and it turned out more amazing than we could have possibly imagined.”

To check out the new track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for the re-release are still available here.