Stop What You’re Doing And Stream Yüth Forever’s Brilliant New Album ‘Skeleton Youth Forever’

After releasing a couple mind-slaughtering singles in anticipation of their forthcoming album Skeleton Youth Forever, the guys in Yüth Forever (formally Villains) have decided to surprise listeners by streaming their latest album in full two days before it hits stores.

Combining elements of nü-metal, hip-hop and whatever the fuck else they like, Yüth Forever’s new release takes your “heavy music” expectations and completely pisses all over it while psychotically laughing the entire time. We’re not kidding. When we say this album is a bit of a mind-fuck, we totally mean it. Pretty much, after streaming this record, you may not be able to listen to music the same way again. To see what we mean, go ahead and dig into Skeleton Youth Forever below. Afterwards, you can purchase the album here.

[via New Transcendence]