Spend The Next Hour Watching Sleeping Giant’s In-Depth Farewell Documentary

Forget binging Netflix. For the next hour, we highly recommend checking out Sleeping Giant’s extensive 55-minute farewell documentary.

Detailing everything from the start of the band to the final days and everything in between, vocalist Tommy Green and his fellow bandmates walk viewers through pretty much all they need to know about the influential “preachcore” band.  

Commenting on the new documentary, which includes live footage from their final show at Chain Reaction, the band said, “It was a long process to make this film from getting footage, making time for interviews, and editing it all together. We’re insanely proud of this and hope you all enjoy this hour-long film. It covers how certain songs came to be, how the band was formed, what we’ll miss most, experiences playing the songs, and what we’ll miss most about the band being done.” 

To check out the new eye-opening documentary, be sure to look below.