Spencer Chamberlain Talks Underoath Reunion And More with Beartooth, I Prevail & Courage My Love Members


Photo by: Chris Martin

With quite possibly one of the biggest years ahead of him since Underoath’s 2013 farewell run, frontman Spencer Chamberlain took some time to answer a few questions about the band’s recent reunion. And by a few questions, we don’t mean from us. Since we’ve already had our time with the savvy vocalist, we decided to open the floor and let other artists chime in. So, instead of us, you’ll find questions from Beartooth members Taylor Lumley and Kamron Bradbury, Courage My Love vocalist/guitarist Mercedes Arn-Horn and I Prevail drummer Lee Runestad. To check out what Chamberlain had to say about reuniting with his UØ bandmates as well as some insight on touring, musical influences and more, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see Underoath out on the road playing both They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line in full here.           

How does it feel to be going back on the road with the boys soon? Was there any hesitation doing this reunion? (Taylor Lumley & Kamron Bradbury – Beartooth)  

Spencer Chamberlain: Within minutes of the first practice, I had chills all over from playing some of these songs. It’s safe to say that it feels amazing being able to play with these guys again. [And] yeah, I think at first none of us knew if a reunion would ever make sense. It was pretty clear the band was over. [But] after a couple of years and some time passed and friendships were mended, it just seemed like a no brainer to us. We love each other, we love these songs and we love our fans.


A few of you have other projects outside of Underoath. Have those projects in any way influenced your role now in the band? (Mercedes Arn-Horn – Courage My Love)  

SC: I don’t think outside projects have ever influenced what we do in this band. Be it Aaron doing The Almost or me doing Sleepwave, that is our own separate journey. And with Underoath, the dynamic of the six of us has always made it what it is. Even though sometimes working with six people becomes a nightmare, that nightmare turns into some really special music. I wouldn’t change it if I could.

How do you choose which bands you want to tour with headlining or supporting? And who’s your favorite band you’ve ever toured with? (Taylor Lumley & Kamron Bradbury – Beartooth)  

SC: As far as headlining tours go, Underoath has always picked bands we enjoyed or thought our audience would enjoy. It’s always a six-way vote which makes things tricky but it always works out, I think. When going into a supporting tour, normally we submit for only things we think would work well with what we are up to. [And] man, a favorite band with I’ve toured with? That’s a tough one to answer but for me probably Taking Back Sunday because I have a bunch of close friends in that band. Them and probably Every Time I Die, fun people and good music always make for a rad tour!


Who are your musical influences and are you guys planning on writing together again? (Lee Runestad – I Prevail)  

SC: My influences have always been all over the board, from Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Beatles to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, The Deftones and the Foo Fighters, to Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Coldplay and the list goes on. I’m a music lover, just about everything but Country Music. I’m always listening and learning but I try to create stuff that in my head I want to hear. I would like to see the band write together again one day, [but] right now we are really focused on the tour and vibing together again. Like most people know, we were DONE and now that’s been mended. I think worrying about new music right now might just be too much stress on such a fresh new start. I think it’s impossible for us not to write at some point. Will it ever come out or be recorded? Only time will tell.


Who has the most awkward habits on tour and what’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to you on stage? (Taylor Lumley & Kamron Bradbury – Beartooth)  

SC: On tour….I don’t even know anymore. Everyone is so different now, maybe ask me in a month and I’ll have a better answer for you. [And] a lot of ridiculous stuff has happened to me on stage but I think one that stuck out was being stung by a bee on my finger while I was pointing and talking to the crowd. Other real injuries seem more common and likely to me, but that bee just kinda stuck in my head forever.

Personal favorite Underoath album? (Taylor Lumley & Kamron Bradbury – Beartooth)  

Maybe Lost In The Sound Of Separation…but I change my answer a lot ha.