Slaves Release Video for “My Soul Is Empty and Full Of White Girls”

Attention all fans of Slaves, Jonny Craig and heart-melting vocals: there is a new music video for the Slaves’ track “My Soul is Empty and Full of White Girls.”

After releasing lyric videos for “The Upgrade Part II,” “The Fire Down Below” and “Starving for Friends” featuring Vic Fuentes, this music video serves as our first glimpse of the band together as a whole. In the video, Craig and his fellow bandmates are seen playing in front of a projected image of a female symbolized as an ex-girlfriend. The overall theme fits well with the track as both are very passionate and touch on some of the many trials and tribulations the band has faced. The song on its own is great, but accompanied with the video, we have found ourselves falling in love with it all over again.   

“My Soul is Empty and Full of White Girls” comes off of Slaves’ debut album Through Art We Are All Equals which hit stores back in June. If you haven’t purchased it yet, be sure to head to iTunes as soon as possible to get yourself a copy.

For more on the video, check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes look from Alternative Press here. Also, be sure to catch Slaves on the All-Stars tour with fellow Noise artist, Palisades.