Sit Back And Take In Everything That Is Crown The Empire’s New “Hologram” Video

Alright, so we’re just going to put this out there: Whatever the guys in Crown The Empire have been vibing lately, we want a part of. Not only has the band decided to switch up their musical approach just a bit (which we totally back), but the Texas-based outfit has also been on some sort of psychedelic/cosmic flow that’s very – to quote the ‘70s style they’ve been into lately – far out.

As if their recent video for “Zero” wasn’t enough, the guys decided to up their mysterious energy just a bit with a new video all about a desert spaceman. Seriously. Along with the Neil Armstrong counterpart, the video also features some pretty nifty dance moves from the band resulting in something fans might not have been expecting.            

To see exactly what we mean, be sure to check out the new video below. Afterwards, pre-orders for the Crown The Empire’s forthcoming album Retrograde can be found here.