Sit Back And Get Ready To Dance Gavin Dance’s Cartoony New Lyric Video For “Hair Song”

Great news, Dance Gavin Dance fans! Before you head out for a Friday night on the town, your favorite post-hardcore experimentalists have just released a new lyric video for you to, as the song says, “get ready to.”

Yes, for all those diehard DGD fans (or those who simply read the title to this article), we’re referring to the band’s Artifical Selection track “Hair Song” where the always outgoing Jon Mess screams:

“Hack, slash, braid and cut. Twist, curl and tease the tuft. Blow it out and spray the stuff. Slick it back and fluff it up. Hair song, it’s a great one to get ready to. Have a friend do your makeup, fool.”

So just in case you’re not sure how to do your hair tonight or you need a new song to get ready to, Dance Gavin Dance and their brand new lyric video are here for you. To check out the Emonee La Russa-directed video, be sure to see below. For more from Dance Gavin Dance, head here.