Simple Creatures Just Want To Feel “Special” With Brand New Single

After blowing people away with their debut EP Strange Love earlier this year, Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth have returned with even more music from their alt-rock, pop-laced side-project Simple Creatures. 

Taken from yet another soon-to-be-announced EP, Simple Creatures’ new track “Special” is an ode to feeling, well, special. 

Posting about the new synth-heavy single, Gaskarth opened up about “Special” saying: 

Sometimes feeling okay starts at ‘fake it ‘till you make it.’ It isn’t always clear what the road to recovery looks like, so you just get to walking and put a big dumb smile on your face and tell everyone it’s all good. 

Life gets overwhelming and our baggage stacks up but I’ve often found that for me, after a little bit of self-pity and wallowing in the misery, getting out and telling the world I’m a-ok kicks off a positive process, allowing me to reset and focus on the upswing. 

‘Special’ is about wading through the lows, and for me personally, it’s about the spiral I tend to go into when the bad shit stacks up: I often become critical of myself, like, ‘How can you possibly feel this way when you’ve got so much good going on around you?’ And that feeling adds guilt onto what I’m already feeling and the snowball gets a little bigger.

That was the genesis of ‘Special.’ It’s about exploring self-sabotage and the internal battle we often wage within ourselves when life gets a bit too heavy. It’s about the lows but it’s also about the struggle back to leveling out and the moment you say ‘fuck it all, it’s time to get better.’ Here’s to feeling good. Here’s to feeling special. Here’s to taking that small step in the right direction.”   

As for Gaskarth’s fellow partner in crime, Hoppus jokingly tweeted, “I just think the song slaps.”

To check out the new song from Simple Creatures, be sure to look below.