See Jarrod Alonge Kidnap Tyler Carter in New Youtube Video


Don’t worry Issues fans, Tyler Carter wasn’t really kidnapped. It was just a part of YouTuber Jarrod Alonge’s fake and funny plot to get into Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6.

The idea behind the video - which is a continuation from Alonge’s previous Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 video - is that the online jokester would hold Issues’ frontman hostage in order to get his fake band’s cover into the already released Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6. We know it sounds silly, but it’s totally worth the watch. 

As some of you may know, this wasn’t Tyler Carter’s first interaction with the YouTube star, Alonge. Carter was also featured in Alonge’s video titled “I Have Issues" as well as its hilarious follow up video, "I Have Tissues.”

So, that said, go ahead and watch the kooky video below and be sure to tweet us @thenosie afterwards with your thoughts.