See Coheed And Cambria And Rick Springfield Team Up For Special “Jessie’s Girl″ Sequel

Adding to the list of things we never expected to see in 2020, Coheed And Cambria has just released a sequel to the 1981 classic “Jessie’s Girl.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only have the progressive rock outfit made a part two to one of rock’s most iconic songs but they have also gotten Rick Springfield himself on the track.  

Commenting on the new collaboration, Coheed vocalist/guitarist Claudio Sanchez says, “Has anyone ever written a sequel to another artist’s song? I don’t think so. As a fan of movies, it just seemed like a really interesting idea.” 

To check out the song and video, which Sanchez notes is “like a National Lampoon’s movie meets So I Married an Axe Murderer,” be sure to look below.