See A Day To Remember Go Cartoon For New Lighthearted Track “Mindreader”

With the release of their new album currently on hold due to coronavirus concerns, A Day To Remember is doing their best to keep fans satisfied by sharing a brand new single.

Titled “Mindreader,” ADTR’s latest track continues to show off the band’s new musical transformation similar to “Degenerates,” “Resentment” and “Rescue Me.”  

Detailing the new song and their creepy cartoon video for it, frontman Jeremy McKinnon says, “We’ve had this video done for some time now, and seeing as how our album isn’t out yet and the state of the world is keeping us off the road, we wanted to get some new material out there for our fans as soon as possible.” 

McKinnon adds, “This song was one of my personal favorites off the new album from the day it was written. I wrote it with the incredibly talented Mike Green. Fun fact, it was the first song I’ve ever sent the guys in the band that was unanimously loved. This song was written to be a lighthearted take on people in relationships expecting their partners to read their minds.”

To check out the new song, be sure to look below.