Secret Band Releases “Delete the Believer”

For anyone who is a fan of band members creatively branching out and releasing music via a side project, it looks like today’s your day. After already posting about Blaqk Audio and ƚƚƚ (Crosses) earlier this afternoon, it looks like we have a new release from Secret Band a.k.a the side project of Jon Mess, Matt Mingus, Will Swan and Eric Lodge from Dance Gavin Dance.

For those unfamiliar with Secret Band, they are essentially a reimagined version of DGD minus the clean vocals. If you’re interested, you can check out their previously released EP here.

As for the track at hand, “Delete the Believer” is an up-tempo tune that like most DGD songs, showcases the musicianship of all the artists involved. The track is excellent and hopefully highlights what we can expect from a new Secret Band album. We can only hope.

You can check out “Delete the Believer” here