Seaway’s Trailer Was Robbed While Recording Their New Album, Received New Drum Kit From Actor Fred Armisen

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Wow, what an interesting turn of events. Adding to the insanely large and incredibly frustrating list of artists robbed of their gear, Canadian pop-punk outfit Seaway had their trailer and most of their gear stolen while recording their new album in Los Angeles.   

“Just about finished recording our new record here in LA,” explains the band in a statement. “Came back to our Airbnb 2 nights ago to find that our trailer with literally all our gear (aside from 6 guitars) was stolen out of the driveway.”

Yeah, bummer city. But then, like an angel sent from the Music Gods, stepped in Portlandia and Saturday Night Live actor Fred Armisen – no, seriously.   

“HUGE shout out to Fred Armisen and Joe from @thetrapset podcast,” says Seaway drummer Ken Taylor on his Instagram account. “They threw a comedy special last night for drummers only (seriously, I had to do a paradiddle at the door just to get in…). I spoke with Fred last night for a few minutes and thanked him for cheering me up after the events of the last few days. Well, today he reached out to me and gave me one of his drum kits. Can’t make this shit up. Such a kind, cool person. Won’t forget this day. About to start tracking drums for the new record. LETS FUCKIN GO.”

What a crazy world we live in, huh? If you weren’t already an avid fan of Armisen, we strongly suggest giving the guy some love by binging some Portlandia on Netflix. Afterwards, make sure to help support Seaway by picking up their limited “Everything Is Not Cool Man” t-shirt here