Sanction Announce New Album ‘Broken In Refraction,’ Share Punishing Lead Single “Radial Lacerations”


Ahead of their upcoming Pure Noise Records Tour with Counterparts, Stick To Your Guns, Terror and Year Of The Knife, emerging Long Island metallic hardcore act Sanction has just announced the release of their brand new album.

Titled as Broken in Refraction, Sanction’s highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s The Infringement of God’s Plan will officially hit stores July 26th via Pure Noise.

Talking about the upcoming 11-track release, guitarist Andrew “Lumpy” Wojcik says, “We are grateful to not only Pure Noise for putting out this record but to the Long Island hardcore scene for the support over the years - Smithtown and Huntington, 631 represent."  

In the spirit of the hardcore community, members of Knocked Loose, Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path have weighed in to share their thoughts on Sanction’s lead single “Radial Lacerations” as well as their forthcoming album saying:   

"I love this band,” shares Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose. “Their last record was one of my favorites of that year, I can’t wait for this one. After touring with them and now being able to call them friends, I’m even more excited for their future.”

Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns continues, “Sanction is one of those bands that have let me see into their world not just through their sound but through the overall aesthetic of their band. The whole thing reeks of anxiety and depression and I don’t think I know of a band who better drives home the point of how fucked it can be to navigate a world so hell-bent on destruction and ["Radial Lacerations”] makes me want to smash a fucking hole in the side of it.“ 

Lastly, Tom Williams from Stray From The Path finishes with, "Being from Long Island, the word spread quick about Sanction and they made an instant impression on me. Their EP Infringement of God’s Plan was exactly what I needed to hear from metalcore, and after hearing the new single "Radial Lacerations,” it sounds like this band has already elevated their game on Broken in Refraction.

For a taste of what’s to come from Sanction’s new album, be sure to check out their bruising lead single below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Broken in Refraction and grab tickets to see the band out on tour here.  

Broken in Refraction Tracklisting:

01. …An Empty Thought
02. The Final Fraction
03. Paralysis
04. Answers From A Syringe
05. Radial Lacerations
06. Mirror Syndrome
07. Conscious In A Coma
08. Infants In Plastic
09. Cordia
10. Shattering Man
11. Creation…