Real Friends Bassist Kyle Fasel Has Just Released A New Poetry Book

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Real Friends fans! Wow, what a great day for bassist Kyle Fasel as he has just announced the release of his very first book of poetry titled Nothing Memorable Stays The Same.

Tweeting about his first-ever book which is available now, Fasel said: “My debut poetry book Nothing Memorable Stays The Same is now available on Amazon. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported my writing. Writing this book has been a huge goal of mine for a long time now. I’m so happy to finally have it out.”

As for what the book is about, Nothing Memorable Stays The Same’s Amazon description reads: “a book of poems by kyle fasel. this is his first poetry book. // the words inside this book are for the ones that don’t have it all quite figured out.”

To pick up a paperback copy of Fasel’s new book, be sure to head here. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Real Friends out on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long here