Rap-Meets-Metalcore Outfit BackWordz Share New Single “Self Ownership” Featuring Fronz From Attila

Okay, so we know what you’re thinking. Rap-meets-metalcore? Do we really need another one of those bands? The answer is yes. Especially when they sound like the newly signed Stay Sick Recordings act BackWordz.

Announcing their signing today via their political-charged single “Self Ownership” – which just happens to feature their new boss Chris “Fronz” Fronzak – frontman Eric July expressed that they actually never intended to sign to a label.

“We had little to no desire to sign a deal, and this was a part of our vision long before we put out our first song,” says July. “Though some of these record deals are pinned as “industry standard,” from a business standpoint, they make absolutely no sense and the artists are being shafted. But we treat BackWordz as if it’s a business and a brand. The guys involved with Stay Sick respected our direction and grind. So we worked together to come up with a way to team up, rather than signing a standard deal. For example, we own our publishing, control our own vision and spend a lot of our own money as opposed to having the label handle [those things].”

As expected, Stay Sick owner and Attila frontman Fronz is very much looking forward to working with the band saying:

“I’m very excited to watch things unfold this year for BackWordz. I was initially drawn to their music because I could feel the energy from a mile away. I knew that this wasn’t an ordinary metal band; this is a band fueled by relentless passion, and I saw the fire in them. It’s rare to find bands as unique as BackWordz, so I knew they would make a great fit on Stay Sick Recordings. When Eric showed me the ideas he had for ‘Self Ownership,’ I gladly jumped on board for the collaboration and the song turned out amazing. Everyone needs some BackWordz in their lives right now!”

As for the new track which points out many social issues in the US, July shared his idea behind the song as simply being “a core libertarian principle.” 

“If people came to terms with the fact that they own themselves,” explains July, “this will nullify many gripes and complaints. In the song, we highlight how seeking the help of politicians and government is not only the antithesis of self-ownership, but it’s utterly foolish. But all too often, people feel as if change has to come through the same entity that caused the problem: the state.”   

To dive into the first of probably many BackWordz tracks today, be sure to check out “Self Ownership” below. Afterwards, to pre-order the band’s forthcoming album Veracity before it hits stores March 31, head here.

[via Alt Press]