Rage Against the Jewles with “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”

Run The Jewels (aka the underground hip hop pairing of producer/rapper El-P and rapper Killer Mike) have just blown up the internet. So much so that even though they make rap music, we’ve decided to feature them here on our “hardcore” blog. You may be wondering what it is that they did to cause such a stir, and the answer is:  THEY FEATURED RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’S ZACK DE LA ROCHA IN ONE OF THE DOPEST HIP HOP TRACKS OF 2014!

Now, we apologize for the excitement, but this song is really that good. Coming off Run The Jewels’ upcoming sophomore album, RTJ2, “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” is a bass thumping up-tempo track that fans of all of genres can enjoy.

If you dig the track like we do, be sure to pick up RTJ2 when it hits stores October 27. Also, if want to hear De La Rocha go hard on more hip hop type vibes, check out his side project One Day As A Lion he rapped on back in 2008.