Punk Goes Country Is A Thing, And It Might Not Be What You Think


While for the last 15 years the “Punk Goes” title has primarily gone to Fearless Records and their beloved cover compilations, here in 2016, a young up-start act out of Chicago is taking their stab at things by adding a little western twang to the mix. 

First showcased on Alt Press, Punk Goes Country is a pop-punk-meets-country outfit who takes popular country songs – like Sam Hunt’s “House Party” or Luke Bryan’s “Home Along Tonight” – and gives it a fun, pop-punk makeover.

For those slightly confused about what Punk Goes Country has going on and whether or not they’re associated with Fearless Records, they took to their Facebook page to straighten a few things out: 

“So, there’s been some confusion about who we are, and what we’re doing. Just to clear things up for everyone: we ARE NOT doing a compilation CD, nor are we affiliated with the Punk Goes albums. We ARE a cover band putting out an independent EP of country songs redone with a pop-punk spin on it. We are always down to collaborate with anyone interested in featuring on a track, but we are NOT doing a compilation or taking submissions from other bands. We hope this clears things up for you guys!”

To get a taste of what the cowpunks (cowboy + punks, get it?) have to offer, check out their latest video for Florida Georgia Line’s “Sippin’ On Fire” below.