Nothing,Nowhere. Set To Release New ‘One Takes  Vol. 1′ LP

If you’ve been following emotional emcee nothing,nowhere. closely over the past year or so, you’ve probably caught a few of his heartfelt one take performances on YouTube. 

Now, for first time, the Vermont-based artist is planning to share these intimate, stripped-down tracks via a digitally released LP simply titled One Takes Vol. 1.

The newly remastered 13-track effort, which features a cover of American Football’s iconic “Never Meant,” is set to be released July 10th via DCD2 and Fueled By Ramen. 

To check out the complete track list and cover art, be sure to look below.    

01. hammer (one take)
02. rejecter (one take)
03. wooden home (one take)
04. clarity in kerosene (one take)
05. letdown (one take)
06. ornament (one take)
07. true love (one take)
08. nevermore (one take)
09. nightmare (one take)
10. cherry red (one take)
11. twenty something (one take)
12. death (one take)
13. never meant (one take)