Nothing More Show Off “Tiny Planet” Effect In Stunning Live Visual For “Do You Really Want It?”

Currently winding down a very busy 2017 which saw the release of their sensational LP The Stories We Tell Ourselves, the first of their two Noise Presents headliners and, no big deal, getting nominated for three Grammys, hard rock outfit Nothing More has just debuted their new live video for “Do You Really Want It.”

Showing off a far out video effect called “tiny planet,” Nothing More’s new visual plays off the song’s theme of everybody wanting to change the world while being stuck in their own personal headspace and not exactly wanting to change themselves first.  

“We wanted to do something live,” says vocalist Jonny Hawkins about his band’s new video “and we thought it would be cool to explore that visual [effect], but it kind of works on a metaphorical level that we didn’t even plan.”    

When asked by Billboard what he thinks people could change about themselves that would, in turn, help change the world, Nothing More’s frontman added: “The most important thing is changing their process of solving personal problems…starting with you asking, ‘What do I bring to this equation that is causing this situation in my life?’ versus the first instinct being to blame the things outside of you, whether that’s other people or situations. In some cases, the problem is someone else or just an unfortunate situation, for sure. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but if everyone shifted that direction and started with, ‘OK, what do I bring to the table that’s wrong and needs to be changed?,’ even if it’s just a tiny little bit, there’s so much more actual change and growth that would occur. Because the amount of control you have over other people and situations is so little and the amount you have over yourself is so much greater.”

To check out Nothing More’s exciting new video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to pick up tickets to see them out on tour next year with The Contortionist and Big Story, head here