Noiseworthy: Here’s Why Noisemakers Superbloom Are Your Next Grunge Revival Obsession


As much as you think it might be an easy task, it’s not always that simple to showcase new, up-and-coming artists. We mean, usually when it comes to these sorts of things if you aren’t familiar with the artist’s name, what’s going to make you click our story versus the 512 Best Vacation Spots For Introverted Millennials? Yeah, not always that simple.

However, putting all doubts aside, we’re going to start highlighting emerging bands we believe in. Bands that stand out against the tiring monotony of our music scene. You know, bands like Brooklyn grunge revivalists Superbloom.

Similar to bands like Superheaven and Teenage Wrist, Superbloom provides listeners a nostalgic 90′s vibe but with updated production and musicianship – you know, like all those Disney live-action remakes but waaaaay better. With last year’s debut EP No Requests under their belt, the New York four-piece is looking to keep their momentum going by releasing new music in 2019. 

That’s where we come in. Today, The Noise is stoked to not only be featuring Superbloom as a Noiseworthy artist but also premiering their brand new, vibe-heavy single “Leash.”         

To get to know a little bit more about the emerging rock outfit and check out their moving new single and accompanying music video, be sure to check out our interview with vocalist/guitarist Dave Hoon and guitarist Tim Choate below.  Afterward, for more from Superbloom, head here.

Where did you grow up? And was there a music scene where you grew up?

TC: Dave and I grew up outside of Boston where there was an amazing music scene. The punk and hardcore scene changed my life there, I would try to catch every show I could. It’s cool thinking back on that time in the scene where you could see bands like Converge and Cave In play in VFWs. When I was in high school I would invite touring bands to come crash at my house when they needed it, like one I night I brought home Ion Dissonance and my mom made them scallion pancakes.

DH: Tim’s story is better than mine. My first concert was TLC.

What were you and/or your bandmates doing before your band formed? Jobs? School?

DH: We were all working in the city and still are. I think that was actually a big part of forming the band, I think we all wanted an outlet.


Who or what influenced you to start playing music?

TC: I was probably like a lot of kids when I first picked up a guitar and learned Nevermind straight through. I was always playing in bands and mostly with Dave. The biggest influence recently was going from straight-up hardcore and metal bands to hearing bands like Superheaven, Big Jesus, Basement, Teenage Wrist – it all gave me a familiar but new feeling that I loved.

DH: I agree with all that. Obviously Nevermind. Dookie, 40oz to Freedom and Smash by the Offspring too for sure. And I’m behind the curve but since we’ve been playing again I’ve discovered bands like Title Fight, Narrow Head and rediscovered Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choice who would it be?

TC: For me, I’d want to collab with Alex Dow and Alex Henry from Fiddlehead. I love their guitar writing. But I think as a band we’d want to work with someone like Matt Hyde or Will Yip who’ve worked with so many bands we love and get a 5th member thing going.


What’s the best live performance you’ve seen?

DH: General admission floor for System Of A Down in a sold-out arena was fucking crazy. I lost my shirt.

Are there any recent releases or performances that have inspired you?

TC: We played with Greet Death when they came through NYC and they’re the best show I’ve seen in a while. Tones were great, harmonies were great, we were all pretty blown away.

If you could have one of your songs be on a TV show or movie of your choice what would it be?

DH: Not a movie but Tony Hawk Pro Skater. “Saints” bumping in The Warehouse [level]. COME ON.


Three bands or artists that would be your dream to tour with?

TC: Right now, I would honestly go with anyone who offered to take us on tour. I think we’re all dying to play outside of Brooklyn and NYC. For me, it would be Quicksand and Failure.

DH: Agreed. Anyone cool. I’ll buzz and dye my hair cheetah print. But for me Basement / Teenage Wrist.

The best thing currently on YouTube is?

TC: I watch a lot of Audiotree and other live studio performances. And for some reason, Hot Ones makes me really want to eat suicidally spicy wings.