Noise Exclusive: Put On A Smile And Watch My Kid Brother Jam In Your Bedroom For New Live Video


How many times in 2020 have you been forced to fake a smile? Or better yet, not even a smile, but just an eye wince that mimics one behind your mask? If this sounds like you, we think you’ll enjoy like the latest offering from Fearless Records newbies My Kid Brother. 

Today, teaming up with The Noise, the Virginia-based band is sharing their brand new live video for their very fitting track “Smile (Losing My Mind).” 

“‘Smile’ is a tribute to those shit moments when you have to just grit your teeth and do your best to get through a messed up situation,” shares vocalist and guitarist Christian Neonakis. 

Sound familiar, anyone?  

“‘Smile’ was written over the course of about a year,” he says about the song taken from My Kid Brother’s debut self-titled EP. “It started as a riff that we were messing around with but didn’t really come together until we took a second look at it in the studio. Working with the producers of the EP, we turned the riff and loose structure into a complete song that we were all really excited about.” 

To watch the band rip into the perfect 2020 soundtrack for fake happiness, be sure watch the live video for “Smile (Losing My Mind)” below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of My Kid Brother here.