Noise Exclusive: Hear Turkish Metalcore Outfit Sails Of Serenity Bring The Heavy With ‘The Crossing’


Happy New Music Friday, everybody! Today we’re absolutely stoked to be bringing you an exclusive stream from Turkish progressive metalcore act Sails Of Serenity. That’s right, we’re going global on this one to premiere the band’s punishing debut LP The Crossing

Sounding like the Istanbul version of Erra (minus the clean singing), it’s clear why Sails Of Serenity have been able to capture such an interest here in the States. With technical precision, massive riffage, airy interludes and a huge overall sound, this Turkish four-piece is no joke.  

When asked about their new 10-track release, vocalist Selim Devirek opened up about the band’s enthusiasm for the record saying, “It’s incredibly exciting for us to be releasing our first LP because we poured our hearts into it and we’ve been waiting for people to hear this for over a year. It’s strange and somewhat scary to open our hearts to people we’ve never met but at the same time, we can’t wait for people to hear it and feel the way we do.” 

The Crossing is a passage through a new sound for Sails of Serenity and a passage through a new life for each member,” Devirek added. “We really feel that we’ve grown and turned into different people from when we formed and we keep growing so our music keeps evolving with us. That is why this album feels so special for us and hopefully it will feel as special to the listeners.”

To check out Sail Of Serenity’s new hard-hitting record, which may very well be on repeat for weeks here at the Noise offices, see below. To pick up a copy of the album via Famined Records, head here.