Noise Exclusive: Hear The Maguas’ Touching Thank You Note “Will It Ever Be The Same”


Chasing your dreams of becoming a successful band is never easy. The sacrifice it takes to say goodbye to loved ones and dedicate yourself fully to your craft is what truly makes it so challenging.

However, no matter the amount you distance yourself from family and friends, there are still certain individuals who will stick around to support you. Those people, whether it’s parents, partners or siblings, are the inspiration for a brand new song we’re premiering today from emerging alt-emo outfit The Maguas.

Titled “Will It Ever Be The Same,” the band’s new single is a touching thank you note to all the loving supporters in their life.      

“‘Will It Ever Be The Same’ is a reflection on the emotional journey of being in love while chasing your dreams,” says vocalist Erik Miller. “It’s our love letter to the selfless people in our lives who sacrificed so many precious moments to allow for us to reach higher and go further than ever before. It’s a thank you to those who simply believed in us and our music and continue to push us to become everything we may be too afraid to see.” 

To check out the anthemic track taken from their upcoming EP One Of Us Is Lying due out November 20th, be sure to see below. For more from the band, head here