Noise Exclusive: Experience Part Two of The Highs And Lows of Tour Life With Hyro The Hero’s Exciting Tour Documentary


If you’ve been paying attention to the names on the festival circuit lately, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve come across Hyro The Hero. Performing at the likes of Welcome To Rockville, Aftershock, Rocklahoma, Shiprocked and Epicenter Fest, the Hoston emcee has slowly but surely injected himself and his style of metal-infused hip-hop all over the active rock scene.

Currently gearing up for the Rockstar Disrupt Fest in support of his hard-hitting, genre-blending LP Flagged Channel, Hyro and his band of misfit musicians are ready to keep their momentum going throughout the upcoming summer months.

Continuing where we left off with last week’s thrilling part one premiere of the episodic tour documentary Crush Road following Hyro’s life out on tour, today we are very excited to be bringing you the epic conclusion via part two. 

To check out the extreme highs and lows of life out on road with Hyro The Hero – like giving people their very first taste of rock music or struggling with altitude sickness – be sure to check out episodes three and four of Crush Road below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Hyro out on tour here.

Episode Three

Episode Four