Noise Exclusive: Decent Criminal Debut New ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Inspired “Bleached” Video


Being in a long-distance relationship is already pretty tough. Add a devastating world-wide pandemic and it’s damn near impossible.

Sure, you can FaceTime and Snapchat whenever you want. But at the end of the day, the likeliness of traveling to another city, state or country right now to see one another seems pretty slim.   

For that, we are dedicating this post to all our those out there in love with someone from a different area code. 

Writing about the struggles of long-distance relationships is California rock act Decent Criminal via their latest love-soaked single “Bleached.”

According to vocalist Tristan Martinez, the non-fiction, long-distance love story taken from the band’s 2019 LP Bliss is all about “two dreamers infatuated with each other, romanticizing what could be if only distance and circumstance weren’t in the way.” 

Talk about heart-breaking.

As for their new Shaun of the Dead-inspired music video – which The Noise is premiering today – the Zombie-themed clip filmed by Kevin T. Miller and Lisa Mason Lee takes a little less serious approach but finds itself being pretty timely.

Video director and Emmy award winning editor Eric Michael Schrader explains: 

“What would be our last day as a punk rock family? It’s kinda eerie making a zombie video like this. We cant see each other anymore. Everyone has basically split up to their new destinations or isolated [at] home during this awful epidemic. But this day of filming was truly a wonderful experience (just before things got worse in the world) and I’ll always remember this day as being a family.

The concept was based off the end of Shaun of the Dead. Why kill your best friend just because he’s a zombie? Can’t we just still get along and still play video games together regardless?

This vision was about a relationship where the woman still keeps her [boyfriend] around. Maybe he wants to eat the neighbors but she doesn’t mind (maybe they deserve it). She still loves him. There’s still hope in life.” 

To check out Decent Criminal’s new heartfelt video starring Frank Pascale, actress/model Elena Maravelias and features fabulous makeup work from Heather Galipo (CBS’ Star Trek: Picared, FOX’s The Orville, Netflix’s Hollywood) be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.