Movements Share “Don’t Give Up Your Ghost” From Upcoming LP ‘No Good Left To Give’

Finally Movements fans! After what feels like forever, the alt-emo SoCal act has just announced the release of their long-awaited sophomore album. 

Titled No Good Left To Give, Movements first new record since 2017′s Feel Something is set to hit stores September 18th via Fearless Records.

Detailing the new 12-track effort, frontman Patrick Miranda says, “At its core, the new record is what we’ve always been which is emotional, real, and honest music. We all know each other very well and understand our respective styles. We’re discussing mental health, struggles with relationships and relatable things from our lives. At the same time, it’s a little darker.”

Giving fans a taste of what to expect on the new album, Movements have debuted their sorrowful new single “Don’t Give Up Your Ghost.”

Elaborating on the track, Miranda adds, “It talks about depression and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It’s told from the perspective of a person who is dealing with a friend who confides that he or she has attempted to kill him or herself. However, this person has been there as well and has even made suicide attempts, too. The person tries to console the friend and let him or know she’s not alone. It’s about not giving up when there’s so much more the world can offer. Even though you’re in a certain place right now, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be in the same place forever.“

To check out Movements’ new song and accompanying animated video, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order No Good Left To Give here


01. In My Blood
02. Skin To Skin
03. Don’t Give Up Your Ghost
04. Tunnel Vision
05. Garden Eyes
06. 12 Weeks
07. Living Apology
08. Santiago Peak
09. Seneca
10. Moonlight Lines
11. No Good Left To Give
12. Love Took The Last Of It