Man Overboard Announce Hiatus

Today is a sad day for pop-punk as one of it’s biggest defenders Man Overboard have just announced they will be going on hiatus.

While the New Jersey outfit has let fans know the break isn’t going to last forever and that everyone in the band is still friends, they want listeners to know this will likely be the last time you hear from Man Overboard for some time.  

“I think everybody felt it was a good time to do some other things for a bit,” says guitarist Justin Collier. “Some people got married, some people bought houses, some people are doing other things.”

Collier continued to add, “Nobody wants the band to end forever or break up forever. It’s not some crazy, tragic thing. We’re all still friends. I just think some bands fall off the radar and don’t do anything for a while – and that’s cool – but I think us not having toured for a while, we wanted to let people know these are going to be the last shows for a minute. Come out if you want; otherwise, we’ll see you down the road.”

As for an official statement from the band as well as farewell tour dates, be sure to look below. 

“We have spent the last 7+ years tirelessly building Man Overboard into something that we all love and are proud of, from booking our first tours and hand numbered copies of the Hung Up On Nothing EP to touring the world and making albums with producers we never thought we’d meet. We put our hearts and souls into this band because it’s something we believe in. Whether we were being detained in a desolate Russian train station after illegally trying to cross the border to the Ukraine or walking off stage after a sold out show, our friendship and love for everything this band has afforded us is what makes us want to be a part of Man Overboard forever.

This band has been and will always be something that we hold close to our hearts, not only because it has transformed and shaped us as people but because of how we know how it has affected other people’s lives, be it in a large or small way. Joe Strummer said ‘Without people you’re nothing’ and we know that the support of our friends, families and fans helped guide us to where we are today.

Our current plans are very few and will likely remain that way for a while. Don’t read into it. Don’t think it’s something it’s not. This spring we will be playing eight shows in the United States. Farewell for now.”

Tour Dates:

With Forever Came Calling, Souvenirs and Such A Mess

April 7 – San Diego, CA – Soma 
April 8 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction 
April 9 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of The Hill 
April 10 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos 

With Watermedown and Gin War 

April 14 – Worcester, MA – Palladium Upstairs 
April 15 – New York, NY – Webster Hall 

With Microwave, Watermedown and Gin War

April 16 – Baltimore, MD – Otto Bar 
April 17 – Philadelphia, PA – TLA