Look Out For Blood Spatter And Watch The Dirty Nil’s New “Zombie Eyed” Music Video


If you had the power to make someone spontaneously combust at the snap of your fingers, would you? Well, for Canada’s The Dirty Nil, we guess that answer is a definite hell yes as proven by their gruesome new music video for “Zombie Eyed.”

Featuring a young and seemingly innocent girl who’s granted the power of spontaneous combustion after being hit by a car, she quickly uses her powers for evil going on a murder spree some Grand Theft Auto players would find pretty excessive and gory. 

Now, before you get too riled up thinking the video was all the band’s idea –which, even if it was, we’re not sure why you would care anyways – guitarist Luke Bentham explained that the video was actually pitched to them directly.

“When some young kids from the West Coast pitched us this gratuitously violent video, they essentially told us they were gonna make it with or without our blessing. We all laughed and agreed to see where the chips landed.”   

To check out the graphic clip for yourself, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up The Dirty Nil’s recently released album Higher Power here.