letlive. Storm Back With Powerful New Single & Video For “Good Morning, America”

Today is a good day. Today is the day we officially begin our countdown to the release of letlive’s new (most likely amazing) album If I’m The Devil…. The band’s fourth full-length will hit stores June 10 (64 days from now) via Epitaph Records and can be pre-ordered here.

In addition to the album announce, the band has also released a very powerful video for their new single “Good Morning, America.” In regards to why the band chose to lead off with such a strong message, frontman Jason Butler told Noisey (who premiered the new track) that there’s a special connection to the track and it comes across really well live.   

“A couple tours ago we were like, ‘What should we play live? What track, without any knowledge of it, would hit in a way that would inherently make people bounce?’ and we just kind of landed on ‘Good Mourning, America.’” 

Butler continued to add, “We’ve been playing it live for a couple of months now, so since we’ve been playing it, we have this connection with it and we feel that introducing it to people and having them react to it the way that they do live—we think that in a recorded setting, it may be just as compelling. So that, and its sonic value. It makes you groove and bop your head, and that’s how we want to reintroduce letlive..”

To check out the new video and single along with album art and track listing for If I’m The Devil… be sure to look below.   

If I’m The Devil… Track List: 

1. I’ve Learned to Love Myself
2. Nü Romantics
3. Good Mourning, America
4. Who You Are Not
5. A Weak Ago
6. Foreign Cab Rides
7. Reluctantly Dead
8. Elephant
9. Another Offensive Song
10. If I’m the Devil…
11. Copper Colored Quiet