La Dispute Debut Intense Yet Soothing New Single “Rhodonite And Grief”

Continuing to release thought-provoking singles before their forthcoming album Panorama hits stores March 22nd, La Dispute has just released their fourth new track titled “Rhodonite And Grief.”

Speaking with Rolling Stone about the new song, vocalist Jordan Dreyer explained “Rhodonite And Grief” as:

“That song is about being an effective companion in the context of someone else’s loss and grief. Or observing it as a third party. There’s a few different things on the record that I was trying to articulate: how it feels to experience another person’s grief when it isn’t directly yours. And how difficult it can be to find a way to help a person going through something, because it’s super fucking hard to do that, too.”

Dreyer added, “I mean, obviously I don’t think it’s as hard as experiencing your own grief, but trying to figure out how to be helpful without being overbearing … It’s a very difficult balance to strike. So, I very deliberately talked about, in that song, trying to remove myself from the situation. In the first paragraph, I talk about watching somebody through a car window. I talk about watching somebody through the window coming back from the store, so it’s very deliberately meant to be a secondary character’s perspective of someone else’s grief. And then the very end, just finding these kinds of trivial, menial ways to help somebody deal with what they’re dealing with, buying little gifts and sort of an expression of guilt that there isn’t a better way to help. But also, I think that’s sometimes probably what you need to do? I don’t know.”

To check out the musically soothing yet lyrically intense new track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to not only pre-order Panorama but also grab tickets to see La Dispute out on tour with Gouge Away and Slow Mass here