Knuckle Puck Debut New Single “RSVP” From Upcoming LP ‘20/20′

Great news Knuckle Puck fans! For the first time since 2017′s Shapeshifter, the Chicago pop-punk act will be releasing a brand new album.

Titled 20/20, the band is set to release their highly anticipated LP sometime later this year – aka assuming after COVID-19 is a thing of the past. 

Detailing the new long-awaited record as well as their touching new single “RSVP,” guitarist/vocalist Nick Casasanto said, “This is one of the first songs I wrote in my apartment after moving to L.A. So much had happened in my personal life after the release of Shapeshifter that I felt like life was moving and changing faster than I could cope.”

Casasanto adds, “I felt separated from everything and everyone living on the other side of the country but it was strangely refreshing. In a way, it felt like I had escaped a lot of my problems. So when people would ask, ‘When are you coming back to Chicago?,’ it was difficult to give them an honest answer.”

Casasanto went on to say, “Not every song has to be an existential journey. We went into this album wanting to make people feel good about who they are and not upset about who they aren’t. There’s so much to be angry about right now, and rather than contribute to it, we wanted to give people a reason to feel good. I want people to want to listen to this record.”

For your first taste of 20/20, be sure to check out “RSVP” below. Afterward, make sure to grab a limited pre-order here.