Italian Pop-Punk Band 4th 'n Goal Release Fan-Submitted Pizza-Eating Music Video

While some of you may be unfamiliar with the Italian pop-punk sextet 4th ‘n Goal (yes, we know: we said “sex,” very funny), we think it’s about time you start to get acquainted with them.

Off their upcoming EP, 4th ‘n Goal just released a single titled “Out of Tortillas.” The song, which is loosely based off their trip to Taco Bell where they were denied burritos due to the restaurant’s lack of tortillas, is an upbeat easy-going pop-punk jam similar to bands like Neck Deep and Seaway.  

To check out their pizza-rific video featuring fans chowing down on the delightfully cheesy cuisine, check below. Afterwards, make sure to hear more from 4th ‘n Goal by heading to their Bandcamp page.