Intervals Debut “5-HTP” From Upcoming Full-Length Album ‘Circadian’

Awesome news Intervals fans! Coming November 13th, Aaron Marshall and Co. will be releasing their new, long-awaited album Circadian.

Serving as the first full-length effort since 2017′s The Way Forward, Intervals’ new LP will feature eight brand new tracks.

Commenting on the upcoming release as well as lead single “5-HTP,” Marshall says, “I’m so excited to be on the cusp of a new release! After 2.5 years of touring and whatever the heck this year has been…here we are! ‘5-HTP’ is a concise introduction to the world of Circadian and a quick taste of what this record has in store.” 

“As I was nearing the end of the writing process,” he adds, “I felt that the album needed an effective intro, and as a result, ‘5-HTP’ was born. I hope everyone enjoys this precursor to the journey ahead, and I can’t wait to share more with everyone as we make our way towards the official drop!”

In addition to the exciting album news, Marshall has also shared a new 14-minute making-of documentary for his upcoming record. To check out the behind-the-scenes look plus Intervals’ new track “5-HTP,” be sure to look below.


1. 5-HTP
2. Vantablack
3. Luna[r]tic
4. Lock & Key
5. Signal Hill
6. String Theory
7. D.O.S.E
8. Earthing