If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sleepwave

Spencer Chamberlain, like a few other artists we’ve featured on the Noise (Jonny Craig - Slaves, Caleb Shomo - Beartooth, Josh Scogin - ’68), is in the midst of a career revival. After he and his Underoath bandmates called it a day back in 2012, the talented frontman was left searching for new opportunities in the music business. Lucky for us, it didn’t take long for the seasoned vocalist to land on his feet with his new gig, Sleepwave.

Comprised of just Chamberlain and his long-time friend Stephen Bowman, the two combine to create a forceful yet also melodic sound that stems far apart from the kind of screamo/metal music Underoath use to make. Incorporating eerie, almost Nine Inch Nails-like, electronic hums and echoes that bleed perfectly into tracks like “Rock and Roll is Dead and So Am I,” “Whole Again” and “Through the Looking Glass,” Sleepwave is offering fans a whole new breed of hard rock music.

Always ahead of the curve musically, Chamberlain has never been afraid to push the envelope and create something others have never heard before. By taking a look at Sleepwave’s bio, you can see Chamberlain explain just that: “I believe in the power of a song and I believe in rock ‘n roll but I also believe it is time for change in music. This is me bringing back things I think are missing from rock and pouring my heart and soul into my music to share with as many people that are willing to listen.”

By stepping out of his comfort zone to create a new style of music he believes in, a new style of music he feels fans need to hear, Spencer Chamberlain has without a doubt earned our respect. To completely step aside from the screaming frontman he once was with Underoath to become the hard rock singer he is now is nothing short of impressive and proves that Chamberlain and Sleepwave are for real.