ICYMI: Tonight Alive Sign To Hopeless Records, Release New Single “World Away”

Well, this is interesting. A little over a year after dropping their third full-length album Limitless via Fearless Records, Australian pop-rock outfit Tonight Alive have revealed they have left Fearless and will be signing with competing label, Hopeless Records.

On the new signing, vocalist Jenna McDougall explained to Upset Magazine that the label change feels refreshing and certainly breeds new layers of creativity.  

“We’ve changed record labels,” she says. “We’ve signed to Hopeless Records worldwide and UNFD in Australia and New Zealand. Having our contracts finish with Sony and Fearless inspired us. We felt excited to be around fresh teams with new eyes and new ears.”

McDougall continued to add, “Those teams, they really connect with our mission and our message and our vision. That’s something I’ve had to fight for in the past, just getting people to understand it. I do feel it’s something that had to be compromised in the past because the teams we were working with were not completely on board.” 

In addition to the new signing, McDougall and company also decided to drop their very first single on Hopeless Records titled “World Away” to which McDougall said: 

“’World Away’ is a continuation of our quest for self-understanding and empowerment, but this time through developing a personal relationship with darkness. In a society that conditions us to suppress and shy away from confronting emotions, we wrote an invitation in ‘World Away’ to shake hands with what scares us most and begin recognizing the opportunity for growth in struggle. Produced by Dave Petrovic (The Other Side, The Edge), we are sharing ‘World Away’ with our fans as the introduction to the sound of the next chapter of Tonight Alive.”

To get your ears all over the new track from Tonight Alive, be sure to look below. Afterwards, to purchase “World Away,” head here.