ICYMI: Limbs Announce Departure of Vocalist, Share Blistering New Single “Abandoned”

After a busy 2018 touring the US with the likes of Underoath and Dance Gavin Dance in support of their impressive debut album Father’s Son, up-and-coming metalcore outfit Limbs have announced that frontman Chris Costanza has decided to step away from the band.

“Change is weird and it can be painful sometimes but with change comes growth,” shared the band. “Chris will be stepping down as our vocalist. He has chosen to fully focus on his daughter/family and life at home. We absolutely support this decision and are excited for what’s in store for him.”

The band went on to add, “This has been in the works for a bit now and we’re stoked to finally share it with you guys. On that note, we’d like to welcome Austin McAuley as our new frontman. This dude is amazing and beyond talented and we’re so thankful to be able to add him to the family. This may be a bit of a shock for some people but trust us, this is only a growth spurt.”

As for how McAuley feels about taking over vocal duties, the new singer stated, “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and am very excited for everything in the future. Joining Limbs really has pushed me musically, and creating these new jams has me so hyped. Stepping into this new role has definitely been challenging in some aspects, but it’s given me the privilege to join my closest friends on stage every night, as well as further develop the standards in our writing. I believe this new music heavily reflects our movement forward, and quite frankly I’m ready to release more.”

Guitarist Jordan Hunter added to that saying, “Austin‘s arrival definitely affected the dynamic of the band, but in a fantastic way. We’ve really taken a new approach to writing songs collectively, and Austin coming into the picture was a direct cause of that. He was already close with the band prior to his induction, so the camaraderie has been second-nature while on the road and in the studio. He’s a terrific fit.”

Lastly, to celebrate the arrival of McAuley, Limbs have decided to debut a brand new single titled “Abandoned.” Speaking about the track, Hunter said, “The song is quite literally a narrative of struggling to accept one’s own flaws. It represents the rejecting of negative emotions, coupled with a perpetual need for self-preservation. We wrote this song differently than any song we’ve ever written before – all together in a room from start to finish. We’ve definitely adopted a more collective-based style of writing as opposed to having one person write most things primarily. No part of this song was written during the crafting of the Father’s Son LP.”

To check out what Limbs sound like with McAuley at the helm, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see them out on tour with The Plot In You, Like Moths To Flames and more here.