ICYMI: Green Day and Metallica Were On TV This Week, Here’s How It Looked


We’re less than three weeks away from the new year and somehow 2016 just can’t stop with the absurdities. Case in point: Green Day and Metallica were both featured on TV this week.

Okay, okay. So we know what you’re going to say, “Dudes, wake up. It’s Green Day and Metallica. They should be on TV.” And to that point, we agree. But really though, thinking about pop-punk pioneers Green Day gracing daytime television (on Ellen, nonetheless), is sort of a strange sight – even though they slipped in a Trump diss, which is pretty rad.

Then, buddying up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Metallica over-competitively and awkwardly won a band vs fan trivia contest proving Metallica is the smartest group around when it comes to trivia questions about… Metallica. Yeah.  

Alright, so maybe we’re just being sensitive since we’re used to our favorite bands getting passed on by smug TV execs who scoff at the idea of having punk or metal acts on TV. But hey, after getting so used to the likes of Kayne West and Justin Bieber dominating every small screen performance, wouldn’t you? Maybe this is what we need, though. Maybe with Green Day and Metallica taking somewhat head-scratching TV spots, we’ll finally get to see the likes of, say, Bring Me The Horizon on TV? Yeah, that would be the day. 

For now, we guess we’ll take Metallica performing “Atlas, Rise” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” off their latest LP Hardwired…To Self-Destruct – which you can see below. Oh, and please don’t even get us started on Good Charlotte being featured on Micheals.