Hot Potato Philosophy ft. Jonny x Kyle x Midnite

While Jonny x Kyle x Midnite isn’t exactly your typical “Noise artist,” there’s no doubting the huge imprint frontman Jonny Craig has left on our scene. Whether it was his former work with Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa or his current role as Slaves’ lead singer, love him or hate him, Craig’s influence is indisputable.   

That said, when we got our chance to catch up with the red-headed vocalist during his Blueprint For Going in Circles Tour featuring rapper Kyle Lucas and producer Captain Midnite, we took it. 

In our off-the-cuff sit down with the three musicians, we were able to discuss a bevy of not-so-serious yet totally important topics including favorite pick-up lines, artists and dream tour partners.    

After checking out the interview above, make sure to pick up a copy of Jonny x Kyle x Midnight’s latest release here