Hoop Talk: A Q&A with Dance Gavin Dance Members Tilian Pearson and Will Swan


Now that the MLB season is all wrapped up with the Kansas City Royals taking home the World Series Championship (sorry Matt and Steve!), it’s time to switch gears here at The Noise to a game we’ve been playing for years out on the blacktop. 

Sorry hockey fans, this isn’t an ode to roller hockey or a celebration for the start of the NHL season. Instead, this is our way of embracing the sound of alley-oop dunks, cross-over dribbles and the nothing-but-net swish of a beautifully shot three-pointer. 

Yes, that’s right: It’s time for NBA basketball and what better way to get things started than by reaching out to one of our favorite post-hardcore experimental acts Dance Gavin Dance. 

Speaking with known Los Angeles Lakers supporter Will Swan and b-ball enthusiast Tilian Pearson, we got the goods on the guys’ favorite basketball memories and players, their NBA predictions for the year and more 

To see what the two had to say, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you haven’t already, pick up tickets to see Dance Gavin Dance on their 10-year anniversary tour featuring Slaves, A Lot Like Birds, Strawberry Girls and Dayshell here.

Also, be sure to pre-order Tilian’s upcoming album Perfect Enemy before it hits stores November, 27.     

What’s your favorite basketball memory? 

Will Swan: I worked for a local sports show as a cameraman for a few episodes back when I was in high school. My dad works in TV so he’d hook me up with gigs occasionally. I got to hang out with the Lakers in their locker room at a Kings’ game. That was surreal. 

Tilian Pearson: It’s a tie. When I was about ten years old I saw Michael Jordan play against the Atlanta hawks. I got to go down on the court after the game and shoot around. I also got Bill Wennington’s autograph, haha. The other great memory is that I went to two home Orlando Magic playoff games back-to-back in 1997. The Magic were down 0-2 in the series. Penny Hardaway scored 42 points the first night and 41 points the second, both wins. I’ll never forget the “Beat The Heat!” chants. 

Favorite player growing up and why?

WS: Eddie Jones. I don’t really have a reason for it, but I’ve loved the Lakers since I was a kid.

TP: Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway. Both finesse scorers that made everyone else around them better. Orlando was my team and Jordan was just undeniable. 

Best NBA Uniform?

WS: The old school black striped Orlando Magic jerseys were pretty dope.

TP: I’m partial to the Orlando Magic’s black with pinstripes, but I have to give it up to the Lakers and Celtics for staying classy and keeping it simple for decades. 

If you had an NBA nickname, what would it be? 

WS: Soupy Swan.  

TP: Beef Jerky. My game is ugly, but effective. 

Best Dance Gavin Dance player at NBA 2k? 

WS: I think I am, but me and Jon are both pretty good. I need to pick up the new one.

TP: Probably Will, I got him at Madden though. 

Dance Gavin Dance 2016 NBA Predictions:                                                    

Finals Prediction: Cavaliers over Thunder 

MVP: Steph Curry (Warriors)

Sixth Man: Mo Williams (Cavaliers)

Rookie Of The Year: Jahlil Okafor (76ers)  

Coach of the Year: Sam Mitchell/Flip Saunders (Timberwolves)  

Defensive Player Of The Year: Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) 

Most Improved: Andrew Wiggins (Timberwolves) 

Comeback Player: Paul George (Pacers)