HOLY SHIT: The Damned Things Are Back And Better Than Ever With New Single “Cells”


So this whole “2019 is gonna suck” thing really isn’t shaping out too well. With new music from Alexisonfire last week and now supergroup The Damned Things dropping their first new song in nearly nine years, we here at The Noise can’t really complain.

Off their forthcoming 10-track album High Crimes, Keith Buckley, Scott Ian, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley and newly acquired Alkaline Trio bassist Dan Andriano have just debuted their hard-hitting lead single “Cells.” 

“Hey guys,” posted the band online. “It’s us, The Damned Things. Remember? We were a band, like, 9 years ago. Ring a bell? Yes, 9 years ago. Yes, when Flash Mobs were a thing. Still nothing? We had that one song that people almost heard. Nothing still? Hmm. Well, the important thing is we are back and want to share our new single “Cells” off the upcoming album High Crimes (out April 26th on Nuclear Blast).” 

“Heck,” the band added, “you can even scope this music video we made with director/Honda Fit owner Brandon Dermer for ‘Cells.’ Keith dies in it.” 

Well, we don’t know about you but that’s some pretty exciting news right there. To check out the hilarious new clip for “Cells,” be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order High Crimes here.   


Track List:

01. Cells
02. Something Good
03. Invincible
04. Omen
05. Carry a Brick
06. Storm Charmer
07. Young Hearts
08. Keep Crawling
09. Let Me Be (Your Girl)
10. The Fire Is Cold