Here’s Why Never Loved Is A Pop-Punk Meets Alt-Rock Powerhouse To Look Out For In 2019


As much as you think it might be an easy task, it’s not always that simple to showcase new, up-and-coming artists. We mean, usually when it comes to these sort of things if you aren’t familiar with the artist’s name, what’s going to make you click on our story versus the 101 Best Internet Challenge Fails of 2018? Yeah, not always that simple.

However, putting all doubts aside, we’re going to do our best to start highlighting emerging bands we believe in. Bands that stand out against the tiring monotony of our music scene. You know, bands like budding Flordia act Never Loved.

Backed by Equal Vision Records, home to pop-punk forces like Sleep On It and Waterparks, this fun-loving trio is ready to make a splash in 2019 with their soon-to-be-announced debut EP. Already sharing their infectious lead single “Dead Inside” earlier this year, it’s clear why EVR was so enamored with the young outfit. With catchy hooks, driving guitar riffs and honest lyricism, Never Loved have a sound that could very easily fit anywhere between the Warped Tour and mainstream alt-rock radio – which is a good thing, by the way.     

In order to get to know a little more about the up-and-coming act, we reached out to vocalist/guitarist Camm Knopp to hear about Never Loved’s upbringing and early influences. To check out our chat and discover your newest pop-punk-meets-alt-rock obsession as well as some exclusive behind the scenes shots from the band’s recent music video shoot, be sure to see below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.

Where did you grow up? And was there a music scene where you grew up? 

Camm Knopp: I grew up in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area – Sunrise, specifically. While the scene has had its ups and downs, there’s still an awesome scene here. I started going to shows more often when I was 14 years old at venues like The Talent Farm and Rocketown. There were always so many shows in all genres with bands from the area all the way to international touring acts. Luckily, West Palm Beach and Miami are the neighboring cities and there were always shows in those areas as well.

What were you and/or your bandmates doing before the band formed? Jobs? School?

Before Never Loved, we were in a different band – we’ve all been in a band together at some point prior to Never Loved. Some of us went to college as well – some of us didn’t finish [laughs]


Who or what influenced you to start playing music?

Both of my parents had an awesome collection of vinyl and CDs. I got my first CD player around three years old (maybe younger) and would pick out CDs from their collection. The first three bands that made me fall in love with music were AC/DC, Nirvana, and The Offspring. I’d listen to the albums Smash, Nevermind, and Back In Black nonstop on my cheap little Walmart CD player [laughs]. There was something about the way those songs hit and the tones of those albums that resonated with me.


How do you feel about music in the digital age? Do you feel it’s helped or hurt musicians?

While some people feel the digital age makes the music industry “oversaturated” in a way, I think it offers incredible resources to artists/bands. If you think about it, someone can hear your song from anywhere in the world, resonate with it and become a fan all in a matter of three and a half minutes without you having to travel thousands of miles to introduce your band to them. The digital age also allows fans to get to know an artist/band on a more personal level through endless possibilities of content which is awesome. On the flip side, there is a lot of artists/bands now being marketed which creates so much noise to cut through but good music always finds its way! 


What have you learned since being in the music industry?

Be grateful for every opportunity that you get. Be grateful for everything that you have. Work hard ALWAYS. And most importantly, be patient/trust the process. 

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choice who would it be?

I feel like me and Biebs could hit it off pretty well… or Rivers Cuomo.


If you could have one of your songs be on a TV show or movie of your choice what would it be? 

Easily the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, or Catfish...

What would you like to be remembered for? Musically or not.

That nothing, no matter what it is, is impossible. Do what you love. 


Best piece of advice anyone has given you?

“The moment you stop doing you is when you fuck up." 

If you could be a fly on the wall for any artist during their writing sessions who would it be? 

I’d love to sit in on a Bring Me The Horizon writing/recording session. I love all of the elements and production they add into their music which I feel brings it to another level. It would be awesome seeing it built from the ground up.

Three bands or artists that would be your dream to tour with?

How about five cause dream big, am I right people? The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, and Armor For Sleep.