Here’s What Happens When Members Of Senses Fail And Finch Team Up To Help Revive The 2000 Emo Scene


The emo revival is fully upon us. With countless “scene” bands reuniting, others celebrating 10 years of some of their biggest releases and it all being pumped back into the public through a handful of different emo-themed rendezvous, the mid-2000 music scene seems to be stronger than ever – well, of course, except for when it was the mid-2000′s.

Continuing this surprising yet addictive trend of reliving Myspace, way-too-tight girl jeans and guyliner, two of the era’s bigger bands, Senses Fail and Finch, are getting together to create some new music. No, not as their own respected outfits but instead as a new conjoined project named Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes.

“Everyone’s always asking Senses Fail to sound like they used to and always asking Finch to sound like they used to or to put out some music,” says Speak The Truth lead singer Buddy Neilsen. “We figured, well, what if we sounded like a super mix of old Senses Fail and old Finch? I wonder if people would like it. What would it sound like? Can we do it? Can we make it sound old but also new at the same time?”

Comprised of Neilsen on vocal duties and Finch members Alex Pappas on drums and Alex “Grizz” Linares and Daniel Wonacott on guitars, Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Breaks is attempting to answer all their fans inquiries of recreating the past via their brand new single “Crash My Car.”

Built on Neilsen’s somber lyrics (“I crashed my car into a wall just so that I could bleed with you”) and Linares and Wonacott’s upbeat riffage, we think the newly formed band certainly exceeds expectations of reviving the past. And, not to mention, if this were indeed the mid-2000′s, Speak The Truth would probably claim a spot in your personal Top 8 (yes, that’s another Myspace reference).

To check out the band’s new song and music video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, to pre-order the track via Bad Timing Records, head here.             

[via AltPress]