Here’s Video Of Neck Deep’s Epic Slipknot Performance Last Night

In case you didn’t hear, the lads in Neck Deep got together last night for a rather epic performance. Doing their best to celebrate the most metal night of the year, the pop-punk outfit brought back their Slipneck persona and spent the night performing both Neck Deep and Slipknot songs.

“Last night, driven by the spirit of Samhain, SlipNeck emerged from two years of lying dormant to take possession of the Neck Deep vessel once more, for an unholy communion at Manchester Rebellion,” explained the “artist otherwise known as Ben Barlow” to Kerrang!. “400 maggots assembled to see us channel the power hymns of Neck Deep and Slipknot. And in an act of pure cosmic coincidence, the entity known as Slipknot also re-emerged! For now, SlipNeck has been satiated and we have retreated into the shadows once more – but version 3.0 will return in 2019.”

Still can’t believe this happened? Why don’t you just check out some of the videos below. Afterward, for more from Slipneck’s epic return – which received praise from Corey Taylor himself – check out a full photo gallery here.