Here’s An Eight Minute Video Of Dave Grohl Talking About The Early Days Of Nirvana And His Love For Seattle

If you’re a rock nerd like us, we’re pretty sure you could probably sit around and watch Dave Grohl talk about the early days of grunge for hours. Thankfully for all of us, the ex-Nirvana drummer recently teamed up with Visit Seattle to talk about his love for the United State’s coffee capital and how it helped change his musical career.  

Touching on the very first time he traveled to Seattle touring with his original band Scream, the Foo Fighters frontman later leads into when he joined Nirvana (thanks to Buzz Osborne of The Melvins) in the early 90s and later how he dealt with the passing of Kurt Cobain. 

To check out the enlightening and extremely well put together video directed by Grohl himself, be sure to look below.