Here’s A New Bad Religion Song Based Off Literature From 1789


Nearing their 40th year of existence – yes, F-O-U-R-T-Y – punk rock idols Bad Religion are still hard at work releasing politically-charged music for the kids of tomorrow to mosh to. Following up where they left off with their bouncy parody of a track “The Kids Are Alt-Right,” the So-Cal icons have returned with a fiery new song titled “The Profane Rights Of Man.”

Speaking on the track, frontman Greg Graffin says: “The song is based on the 1789 document, ‘The Universal Rights of Man.’ Since we’re a band that has a longstanding tradition of championing the enlightenment, we wanted to emphasize that our society is based on a profane rather than a sacred theological justification for human rights.”

“In sum,” Graffin adds, “the song is about Bad Religion’s belief in a secular basis for the protection of human rights for all people.”

To check out Bad Religion’s educational and forceful new single, be sure to look below. For more from the band, head here