Here’s A Look At All The Wildly Important Things Tom DeLonge Has Been Doing Since Leaving Blink-182

If you’re a diehard Blink-182 fan, you’re probably well aware of what former guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge has been up to since his departure back in 2015. However, for everyone else who has been kept in the dark about DeLonge’s newfound career, today the outspoken sci-fi fanatic has shined a light on all his past and present endeavors. 

To help spread awareness for his company To The Stars which he founded back in 2014, in a new video, DeLonge has opened up on why he left Blink-182 as well as what to expect from his developing media and science company moving forward – and spoiler alert, it’s a lot!

To check out the new eye-opening clip, be sure to look below. For more from DeLonge and To The Stars, head here.